A Business With
A Spotless Reputation.

Hello, and welcome to Fitzpatrick Brothers. Since 1894, we’ve been a leader in the cleaning supplies category. And now, come along and let us show you why our reputation remains immaculate as well.

A legacy that shines.

For over 100 years now, Fitzpatrick Brothers has made the finest cleaning products. And we’ve built a name as untarnished as the surfaces our products work on. In fact, it earned us the Illinois Centennial Award, given to businesses that have operated continually in the state for 100+ years.

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Not just brothers. Family.

The Fitzpatrick Brothers are part of a much larger family—one that includes not just relatives, but invaluable employees, customers, suppliers and many others. Because at the core of our business are family values, and that’s exactly the way we treat everyone: like family.

group of Fitzpatrick Bros. cleaning products

Products that brighten horizons.

Scour the cleaning products category and you’ll find Fitzpatrick Brothers offers some of the industry’s most reliable brands. Our product lines are dependable in another way, too—by providing value and brightening sales forecasts.

If you’re in the market for a creative, reliable, vertically-integrated partner to fill any of your powder and liquid cleaning product needs, get in touch with our team today.

group of Fitzpatrick Bros. cleaning products

House Label (Powders / Cream / Gel Cleansers)

Kitchen Klenzer, Old Dutch, Bab-O

Contract Pack

Powders / Cream / Gel Cleansers

Private Label

Powders / Cream / Gel Cleansers

Rug and Room

Carpet & Room Deodorizer

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